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Recent Entries 
7th-May-2011 02:37 pm(no subject)
ohmiya love
Its been such a long time since i last posted an entry~
Almost a year? haha
but life's great!!!
Totally enjoying it!!!

i love this fandom. my arashi fandom!! :D
28th-Mar-2010 04:16 pm - happy! :D
ohmiya love
hmmm, its been such a long time since i posted something...
let me just summarize!

I went plaza sing to watch Nodame with munyee! :D i think the movie is niceeeeeee!

I went to cut my hair with Liying!

I went malaysia with munyee and clarice. yaeah, it was funnn! my first time going overseas with friends :D i bought a bag, cap and a shirt! (:

Saturdayyyyyyyyy! :DDDDDD
YAY! grace came over to my house we started arashi-ing :DDDDD
she says she prefers J-pop now, and k-pop is abit dry!! whaahah!!! she says arashi is great because of their bond with each other! I damn happy mans!(: we started taking photos :D

photos :DDDDD Collapse )
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